Urbancare Active

Urbancare/active is the social branch of the social enterprise urbancare

Why going beyond CSR is necessary

Urban Care is a social enterprise. Still a small one, yet thriving. We believe that any business, through its confrontation to market forces, may propose its own solution to build a better society. Oh, yes, we don’t believe in changing the world, we believe in building it. And we believe it should not be a side job, but a business core commitment. And we had to start somewhere, this is why though our means are still modest, we have started this program, Urban Care Active, to give that extra hand to promising endeavours and CBOs that have in them the seed of social impact, yet are limited by their resources. This is what we do.

The roadmap

We started our offer of services in the domain of advanced M&E systems building and cost analysis. We will continue, and make it grow. Then, once our business model is solid enough, we will go to the next phase, the establishment of low-cost family care clinics for low- and middle-income families in emerging economies. The good news is that we start to collect support, and not only moral. Other players are believing in our projects and have started approaching us for future collaboration and funding opportunities. Oh, yes, important to precise, we do not seek funding from public sources, we do not compete for funding with our customers. Our sources will come from our profits, from strategic collaboration with the private sector, and from funding from social Venture Capitalists.

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