The M&E Lab

Ready-made and Taylored-made M&E solutions for the aid sector

Why and how we came up with this line of services

NGOs produce and consume vast amounts of information. They do so in complex settings, with sometimes unpredictable constraints. Yet, they need to measure, to analyze and to report, and they seldom have the necessary resources to overcome certain barriers such as the analysis of a current information flow, or the creation of an effective database that would help them bringing their costs down. We understood that after so many years spent on cost analysis. Indeed, when we perform a cost analysis, we usually need to take a deep look at our clients operational and financial information systems. We could see that we could bring for them a lot of value that would finally translate in very significant time and money savings. So, we put together a motivated team of aid and IT professionals to fine tune the level of service an efficiency-concerned NGO would need, a team that can understand the true constraints of aid programs implementation, and solutions coding.

Integrating information flows to maximise efficiency

We believe that the primary work of NGOs when it comes to information is to use it for action. We believe that the integration of seamless flows of data produce actionable information, and reduce costs by cutting down unnecessary requests, fixing broken communication channels, and by making critical information more accessible to an entire team. We can build for you those solutions, so you may focus on action. This spirit is particularly well embodied by our ever-upgraded flagship product, Conztellation

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