Hello world!

Building at a crossroad.

Well, finally we made it. The site is functioning; we could work out a server and a proper domain name altogether, finish the design of the first version of our site, and put all that online.

That was quite an adventure. And a long one with that. About 7 years to come up with the right concept, 3 years to gather up the seed capital, and 9 months to finally obtain the investment certificate from the Vietnamese administration.

And now Urban Care is born and real and breathing.

Creating this company was a bit of a dream you know, it is not exactly a cash-machine which would buy me a Porsche Cayenne or a SUV I wouldn’t be able to steer out of central Hanoi. Nope. It is an old dream. Setting up something at the crossroad of capitalism and social action. Private means, public purpose. Bones and flesh. I think I would never really quite understand the concept of dividing the society into two antagonist groups, the private sector in one corner of the boxing ring and the public in the other, with all the drama and cultural war between them. Here, we are trying to reconcile those two sides of human societies, and to participate to the renovation of the economic system, in our domain, health care. And I hope this blog, along with our core work, would do its share.

In that blog we will propose you to follow two main threads, a first one linked to the development of social enterprises in general, and this one in particular, and a second one giving you fresh news and analysis from the health aid & development sector.

To organise that, we will use 4 key tags:

New economy: posts on other organisations defining themselves as social enterprises, thoughts on the concept and its place in a post-industrial society

Urban Care: all critical information on the development of our social enterprise, results, challenges and policies

Trends: important publications and reports concerning the aid & development sector and its evolution, and our comments and analysis

News: direct links to selected newspaper articles covering the health aid & development sectors with some minimal inputs from us

As for the frequency of publications for that blog, we would post a homemade text every Monday or so, and we will share news with you the rest of the week.

Well… there it goes.

Your comments are not moderated ex-ante. Trolls, thanks for clicking off.