Conztellation is moving on…

Some news on the development of our new service: Conztellation, with a z

Conztellation V0.1 would be available for our current clients on the 5th of December 2011 for a first round of beta testing, with a V1.0 ready to hit the market late January 2012.

We have finalized the system’s wireframe and its general architecture… and now our dearest IT manager, Mr Hien, has started to code the system, while Vinaganda assists in the general design of the web interface.

The program is moving on steadily….¬†Soon, we will introduce some details on the extensive analytic and knowledge management functions of the Conztellation system.

stay tuned…


New website

Well there it goes. Our new website is online. New features, new layout, new colors. And it is only a month late. Which is quite an achievement.

If you like it, you can praise Mr Fred, from He certainly did an excellent job at designing it, translating my ideas into actually seeable pages, and being patient with my repetitive delays in finalizing the content of the many new pages we have here.

This is when you realize how much work it is to coming up with a site that is readable, user-friendly and nicely designed. This is definitely a professional job, not the sort of things you can figure out over a loose week end with your mac. Not me anyway.

If you wish to see more of Fred’s job, you can visit his portfolio here.