New players, same old small wallets

The theater of international aid gets more and more complicated with the arrival of new players. The SCO (the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, a 6-country club mostly concerned with the central Asia military and security agenda) sent today its first round of humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan, as reported in news from the Official Chinese Press Agency Xinhua. Is that really the end of the Western monopoly on emergency relief? A blip? Or just another sign of an emerging multipolar world order?

Nevertheless, the US Secretary of State announced last week a pledge of more than 10 million USD, of which 6.5 million was direct aid assistance as reported by AP 4 days ago, about 14% of the 71 million USD Mr Ban-Ki-Moon, the UN General Secretary, seems to be looking for to cover the most immediate needs of the 400,000+ displaced persons. This would translate into a hefty 178 USD per person.

Not much of a bailout frankly.

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