cost-effectiveness analysis

Conztellation is online, operational and ready to support you

It took us one year of development. And now it is online, operational, and beautiful.

What is Conztellation?

Conztellation is an online system. It integrates human service and databases systems that will allow you to access real advanced M&E. Conztellation integrates monitoring and evaluation features, knowledge management functions, automatic reporting mechanisms, and so much more.

And it is very affordable.

It solves once and for all the issues related to information capitalization and sharing. It is stable, very good-looking. You just need to subscribe. You don’t need an M&E officer to operate, nor an IT guy to develop it. It is very ergonomic, and we are all always with you to design the Conztellation that you need. This is not an anonymous and automatic database. It is a full system, with true human beings at your side, always.

For more information on the system, you can either drop us an email here, or visit Conztellation’s website.

Soon, more information on the system’s features.



Sharing the results of my PhD research in Hanoi

Hello there,

you would be able to see a presentation of mine on the 20th of July at the Hanoi School of Public Health. This is organised by the UNAIDS and Pepfar. I will present the results of my PhD research on the cost-effectiveness analysis of the Hanoi-Tay Ho integrated HIV/AIDS prevention and care centre.
You can read more about it here.
I’ll post the PPT tomorrow.