Conztellation is online, operational and ready to support you

It took us one year of development. And now it is online, operational, and beautiful.

What is Conztellation?

Conztellation is an online system. It integrates human service and databases systems that will allow you to access real advanced M&E. Conztellation integrates monitoring and evaluation features, knowledge management functions, automatic reporting mechanisms, and so much more.

And it is very affordable.

It solves once and for all the issues related to information capitalization and sharing. It is stable, very good-looking. You just need to subscribe. You don’t need an M&E officer to operate, nor an IT guy to develop it. It is very ergonomic, and we are all always with you to design the Conztellation that you need. This is not an anonymous and automatic database. It is a full system, with true human beings at your side, always.

For more information on the system, you can either drop us an email here, or visit Conztellation’s website.

Soon, more information on the system’s features.



Mark the day: 21st of September 2012: Conztellation goes big

We’re happily making it. On the 21st of September, 2012, we will release the final version of Conztellation.

After months of beta testing, we are now ready to hit the market with what we believe is a real breakthrough in term of M&E, information and knowledge management, and data retrieval for the aid sector.

Conztellation will simply give a new life to your program’s data and information.

Conztellation will comprise 2 major modules:

  • The World suite
  • The Program suite

The World suite

The World suite is a series of functions that will allow to quickly retrieve the most important information and data that you need to carry out your daily work. It comprises simple access to the most important indicators from international databases, international reports, pertinent scientific literature, grey literature from international NGOs and institutions, and documents produced by our community. Everything you need to know on your working environment.

The Program suite

The program suite will allow to consolidate, analyze and share the most important information produced by your program. You will be able to access data from anywhere, share them with your colleagues and partners, and concentrate under a single server your most important working documents from frameworks to presentations. You will access your program anywhere, anytime. You will able to produce instantly reports, benchmarks, and irrigate your entire team with a common source of information. You will even be able to access live costing analysis if need be.

Save the date

On the 21st of September, you will discover an entirely new website, a new price schedule, automatic registration functions, and more, much more.

See you then!

Piloting a social enterprise

Our company is developing well. We are now 7 team members, of which 4 full-time. We have created new services, our customer-base is rapidly expanding, and most of our clients are coming back for 2nd and 3rd contracts.

Our financial health is pretty good too, we have low costs, a fair margin, and we will soon be able to plan for the second phase, our social project, the purpose of our company.

I don’t know about you, if you are yourself a social entrepreneur, or a friend of the cause, but piloting a social enterprise is not a simple fit. You need to be business-wise, while keeping in sight your final objective. You must be obsessed with making money and turning a profit, while keeping a cold head not to get carried away by success and loosing purpose. But I have to admit, this is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my professional life. Try it, you’ll see.

Seeing a plan becoming real, looking back and remembering what Urban Care was 2 years ago, a logo and a registered domain, and now this team working together, happy clients, and soon a sufficient level of finance to move to the social phase of our project…. I am telling you, this is really encouraging. And not only because here in Hanoi, from where I am writing, the sun finally arrived after being 10 weeks on vacation, or because I could give myself my first salary last month. It is not about that.

It is about building and a sense of purpose.

Conztellation is moving on…

Some news on the development of our new service: Conztellation, with a z

Conztellation V0.1 would be available for our current clients on the 5th of December 2011 for a first round of beta testing, with a V1.0 ready to hit the market late January 2012.

We have finalized the system’s wireframe and its general architecture… and now our dearest IT manager, Mr Hien, has started to code the system, while Vinaganda assists in the general design of the web interface.

The program is moving on steadily….¬†Soon, we will introduce some details on the extensive analytic and knowledge management functions of the Conztellation system.

stay tuned…


Constellation V0.1 is on the way

Well, there it goes! we have started to develop Constellation after a full year of brain-storming.

The architecture is now ready (more than 7 interlinked databases… for now), as well as the general web lay-out. We are about to recruit a new team member, obviously by the end of next week, to code it all and put online a beta version of the system in November 2011.

Can’t wait to show you the excellent features of the system… a real breakthrough in term of program analysis and information management for any portfolio manager… stay tuned.