Conztellation is an online project management system dedicated to the aid sector.

Why we needed to create it

As you can see from our other brands and services, Aid & Praxis and the M&E lab, we acquired a very solid experience in information production and management. Indeed, we came to realize when performing cost analysis that we actually had access to a huge amount of information from our clients, an information that was seldom accessible to the entire client’s team on top of the awesome data we can produce during our cost analysis process. And we wanted to fix that. We wanted to give back to our clients that added-value, organizing information, a work which we had to do internally for the sake of our customers. So we launched the development of Conztellation, an holistic platform to allow to an entire team to have access to the most critical information on their programs, anywhere, anytime, in a neat fashion.

A focal point to access and share critical information on your program and your environment

Conztellation aims at consolidating two main fluxes of information. The first flux is generated by the intervention itself. It is composed of input and output figures, documents, reports, guidelines, tools, staff directories, etc. We grouped those under the Explorer package. The second flux is chaotic, it is generated by the environment. It is made of scientific articles, international reports, best practices, international databases, and the expertise of hard-to-reach brilliant individuals working here and there on the planet without having the notion their knowledge could be needed in another continent. So, we created the Voyager package, a free space for collaboration and information sharing, which, we hope, will become a central hub of knowledge and experience sharing for the aid community.

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