We are recruiting a 3rd IT engineer

We are continuing our expansion. Today, we are looking at recruiting a 3rd IT engineer to help us developing our systems.

Basically, we need an PHP/MySQL developer, with advanced skills in the domain of web development.

You can download here (20130610 IT developper announcement – edit) the announcement we have published on Vietnam Works.

If you would know someone who could be interested, please tell about us!

Talk to you soon!


Urban Care is looking for senior consultants

Dear colleagues and friends of the aid community,

Urban Care is now actively looking for Senior Consultants operating in Asia to join our team and build our new department: Aid and Praxis (, website under construction, to be shipped in January 2013).

We would like to start identifying potential future senior professionals to develop our consulting services in the following domains:

  • Education;
  • Nutrition;
  • Gender;
  • Social-economic community development
  • Public Health (TB, HIV, MCH, NCD, Mental Health, Epidemiology/biostat);
  • Health Economics.

We will recruit 1-2 persons per area. Our point is not to build another consultant database. We are looking at long-term and organic collaboration with motivated persons.

We need autonomous professionals with a high level of qualification and experience who are eager to build. Senior Consultants will take the head of the newly created departments and will be responsible to develop their branch. As a matter of fact, they will benefit from our brand, network, and support services.

There is no deadline for this announcement. Our point is to recruit, step by step, the right persons who will share our vision and dedication to our goals.

Ideally, you would be based in South-East Asia (our office is in Hanoi, Vietnam). If you are based in another region, such as South-America, the Middle-East or Africa, please save this information somewhere in your mind, we will start considering expansion in those continents mid-2014.

Please help us circulating this announcement within your network.

For more information, or to start a discussion, please contact Vincent:

Talk to you soon,



Urban Care is recruiting an Analyst Assistant


Urban Care is continuing its expansion. We are now creating a new position to support our team in the domain of information retrieval and processing. The full details of the position are here:  20121112 Analyst Assistant recruitment.

Deadline: 10th of December 2012

Good luck!



Urban Care is recruiting an editor/English proofer



Urban Care produces on a regular basis a fair mass of documents in English. We would need to hire an editor/English proofer to revise and correct those.

Although we would prefer to recruit someone established in Hanoi, persons living overseas may apply.

Some criteria for the position:

  • Native English speaker;
  • Familiar to the aid sector and its jargon;
  • availability and reactivity.

This is not a full-time position. We will recruit this person with a consultant contract, with payment made either on a task or a monthly basis.

Please send us a resume and an indication of your rate by the 15th of October 2012 to:



Urban Care is opening a new IT position

Urban Care is recruiting again. You can find our full announcement on VietnamWorks.

Here are the specs:

Junior database designer

PURPOSE: to design and support SQL/PHP online database systems development for our internal information systems and our clients

Reports directly to the IT manager.


  • Carry out assigned tasks to meet all deadlines
  • Research, plan and design for the development of new information systems.
  • Strictly follow working process.
  • Effective work planning.
  • Collaborate with our web designer
  • Maintain and upgrade Conztellation as needed

DURATION: a first contract of 6 months will be proposed, to be transformed thereafter in a long-term contract, based on performance, with the possibility on the long-run to enter in the company’s capital.


  • Hold Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • web development (HTML 4 and 5, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery) and database development (SQL/PHP and Ajax). Some knowledge of Flex and HTML5 would be an extra asset.
  • Positive, creative, active and independent
  • Professional and ethical.
  • Good teamwork skills.
  • 1st experience may apply
  • Excellent English communication, able to work directly with foreigners (most of the management and our clients are foreigners). Besides, all the communication in our office is in English.


  • Competitive salary
  • Fully declared position with social insurance
  • Build your career in a dynamic and intense environment
  • Modern work station

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are kindly requested to send a letter of application and Curriculum Vitae in English to:

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing date to apply for this position: 25th of September 2012 or until the post is filled (which could happen before the end of the deadline)

Urban Care is recruiting an IT manager

Our team continues to grow. Now we need a new IT manager with the following skills:

  • concrete experience in database design in MySQL/PHP and Ajax
  • good knowledge in: Java, Jquery, HTML 4, possibly HTML 5
  • it would be nice to have some skills in Flex
  • professional English

if you feel you would be interested, please send me an email in the contact page.

Deadline: 3rd of May, but if we find someone good before…

Take your chance!

Urban Care is recruiting, Admin/Accountant

Urban Care continues its expansion!

We are now looking for a Vietnamese staff to hold the position of Chief Accountant/Administrator, and Cost analyst.

The required qualifications of the candidates are listed below:

  • Certified accountant with at least a bachelor degree;
  • At least 2 years of experience in the private sector, preferably with foreign-owned companies;
  • Experience on FAST accounting software;
  • Fluency in English (for real, thanks);
  • MS office ready;
  • Details-orientated person;
  • Flexible and reactive mind.

The position is full-time, and based in Hanoi (in our new office on Lac Lang Quan, near the water park, by the lake). It will consist in:

  • Keeping the accounting of the company (one system);
  • Liaising with the Vietnamese administration;
  • Ensuring the compliance of the company with the Vietnamese law;
  • Reporting on taxes due by the company;
  • Ensuring the daily administration of the office and our team;
  • Supporting the Evaluation team in cost analysis (internal training would be given for the sake of this task);
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Deputy General Director.

This position reports to the Deputy General Director, and the Board of the company.

The position is eligible to the long-term benefits offered by the company.

Please send your motivation letter and resume in English to: Miss Mai, . Deadline: 21st of Feb, 2012. Yet the position could be staffed earlier.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



Urban Care is recruiting a database designer

Urban Care continues its development… we are now looking for a database designer located in Hanoi.

This person would work on the development of our new project, Constellation. We would like to have someone speaking and writing: English, MySQL and PHP.

Please send your resume to:

We will first shortlist candidates, who will then receive the blueprint of the service before the interview process. The selected person would work firstly on a short-term mission contract, with the possibility to engage in a long-term professional relationship, to be adapted to our company’s needs and the professional’s career development objectives.

Closing date: 25th of September 2011.


Urban Care is recruiting

As mentioned in our last post, Urban Care is expanding. And we are now actively looking for motivated professionals to join in.

We are currently looking for Senior Associates Consultants to work with our team. The field we want to cover are : HIV/AIDS, TB, mental health, and maternal & child health. If you feel you have the profile, please look at our announcement 20110627 ASC recruitment and contact us (

Just a precision. We are not trying to build another consultants database. We will propose a real and long-term partnership to qualified persons sharing our values and work ethic. For this round, we expect to identify from 4 to 8 persons maximum, preferably based in Vietnam.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,