Aid & Praxis

Know the most of Your Environment and your programs From cost-effectiveness analysis to aid trends analysis and strategic support

Why and how we came up with this line of services

After 3 years of collaboration with our clients under the banner of Urban Care, we realized it was necessary to build up our resources and to focus the work of a part of our team on the notion of resources allocation and to better identify this line of services. It allowed us to improve our research and analysis mechanisms, and we felt the need to embody that change in the creation of a new brand, Aid and Praxis. Then, why Aid and Praxis? Aid is pretty much self-explicative, may be Praxis is less. Praxis is related to the notion of concrete work, contrete inputs and outputs, it is related to where the real implementation of a program is brought alive. We work and collaborate with our clients, we see them struggling, building, and achieving. We understand the hardship that comes with aid programs, we understand that there is much more than theory, and we want to help our clients measuring their realizations in an explicit and objective fashion, we want to accompany them over long period of time, to allow us to build the necessary trust and understanding of their needs.

Why is cost analysis so necessary?

Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis are fundamental. They were mostly tools borne by the academic sector, with very little information produced on the vast work conducted by NGOs. Cost analysis makes resources allocation explicit, it measures, modestly, inputs and outputs, it allows our client to capture the dynamic of their programs, to assess the impact of their decisions, to optimize resource allocation and finally to deliver better programs in accordance with available funds. And we know how to do it, regardless of local constraints, because we are pragmatic and very well aware of contextual factors.

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