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Meet Our Team!

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    Vincent Guérard founder, CEO

    Vincent Guérard is a public health specialist. Vincent has been working for 5 years in Asia in the public health & aid sector, and has an overall professional experience of 10 years in France, Cameroon, Morocco, Vietnam and Thailand. He is a medical doctor with a master of science in international health, and a PhD in public health, which seems to be enough schooling for now. His preferred fields are primary health care, HIV/AIDS, TB, and cost-effectiveness analysis. He founded in 2010 Urban Care in Hanoi, and he is since its general director.

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    Laetitia Emmanuelli, concept design

    Laetitia Emmanuelli is a risk manager and a KM specialist. Laetitia has started working with Urban Care in May 2011. She is responsible for the development of new information management concept design. A creative and rebellious mind at work.

  • mai

    Tran Le Mai, analyst

    Tran Le Mai is an economic analyst. Mai has started working with Urban Care in January 2011. Although young and still growing, she has already a solid work experience as a statistician and a market analyst, and as a volunteer in various social programs in Vietnam. She is responsible for our M&E work, and assists Vincent in the financial analysis of our clients’ interventions. She holds a bachelor degree in economics, and is now finishing a Master degree in Public Health.

  • pupi

    Tran Hoang Minh, IT manager, back-end

    Minh is our second specialist in online information systems design. Minh has started working with us in November 2012. He already has a solid experience after a few years spent in the UK as a student and then as a programmer in a private firm. Minh’s specialities revolve around MySQL/PHP development, C++, HTML 5 and Java. Minh is mainly focused on the development of our new future product, DeepFlows.

  • BICH

    Le Thi Ngoc Bich accountant & administrator

    Le Thi Ngoc Bich is a certified accountant. Bich has started working with Urban Care in July 2011. She is responsible for all matters related to accounting, administration and relation with the Vietnamese public authorities. Bich has extended experience in accounting and foreign-owned companies operating in Vietnam and our ever changing environment.